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To quote the foreword to New Zealand Standard NZS 4218:2009 - "In the New Zealand climate, good passive solar design incorporating appropriate areas of glazing and thermal mass, combined with a well-insulated thermal envelope, can significantly reduce the energy requirements to heat and cool buildings."

There are many urban myths surrounding passive solar design and sustainable architecture, especially with regard to insulation, glazing and thermal mass. There is no simple formula to define the ideal relationship between the three, instead each design needs to be specifically analysed.  This is where Keith can, using AccuRateNZ thermal simulation software, (as brought to New Zealand by EECA), and his experience, provide an objective measure of the proposed design, and suggest improvements that are practical and buildable.

As with CADD, once the initial building data has been entered into AccuRateNZ, subsequent alternative materials and elements can be quickly and efficiently explored.  From this the cost savings & implications can be assessed.

Under the new Auckland City Unitary Plan, as notified on 30th September 2013, any development of 5 or more dwellings is required to achieve a Homestar™ 6-Star rating, or equivalent.  Passive design plays a big part in gaining compliance.  An AccuRateNZ analysis can be used to demonstrate the thermal performance aspects, with the added benefit of being able to go on to quickly give objective results for an exploration of alternative materials & constructions.

Passive Design basically involves a careful consideration of all aspects of the proposed building so as to minimize the use of non-renewable elements and energy sources during its life-time, while at the same time ensuring that the building is a pleasant and practical place to occupy and not detrimental to its environment.   

CONTACT DETAILS: Please feel free to contact Keith for his C.V. and summary of experience.    tel:  04 499-3015     mble:  021 890 251     e-mail: keith@settlement.co.nz

Keith Huntington - B.Arch, Dip.Urb.Val, Dip Bus.Stud(Disp.Res), FNZIA, FAMINZ(Med), LEADR Registered Architect (RAB# 1372) and NZGBC Homestar™ Practitioner & Assessor (reg# 6868)