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Through Ecorate Ltd Keith Huntington provides a range of professional services relating to sustainability building, including NZ Building Code-H1 (Energy Efficiency) Compliance analysis, and minimizing energy usage in buildings through their design and is able to provide objective analysis of passive design effectiveness using "AccuRateNZ" computer simulation modelling.

The first level of service is to check the building for compliance with the minimum requirements of the NZ Building Code, NZBC-H1 (Energy Efficiency) using the 'Modelling Method'.  If compliance cannot be achieved, Keith can assist and advise on design and material to explore and create a variety of compliance, and better, options.

A more efficient use of EcoRate Ltd's services is to employ the analysis at the Prelimninary Design stage so that the energy use aspects are developed alongside the other design  considerations in the same manner as structural factors are considered early in the process.

For a Designer's Client who requires a house that minimises the use of network energy, as well as its carbon-footprint, to well above a minimum compliance with NZBC-H1, EcoRate Ltd can provide provide detailed analysis to allow efficient use of energy conservation measures and to maximize passive solar gains and retention.  

The sophisticated "AccuRateNZ" thermal simulation computer modelling software is used to calculate the network energy requirements for each space in the dwelling for each hour of the day for each day of the year.  There are 18 climate zones available and the house can be analysed into up to 50 distinct volumes.  The programme is able to explore heating appliance options, and also can analyse hot water usage.

The Auckland City Unitary Plan, as notified on 30th September 2013, requires that any development of 5 or more dwellings is to achieve a Homestar™ 6-Star rating, or equivalent.  Passive design plays a big part in gaining compliance.  An AccuRateNZ analysis can be used to demonstrate the thermal performance aspects, with the added benefit of being able to go on to quickly give objective results for an exploration of alternative materials & constructions, and hence the cost implications of moving beyond minimal requirements.  Insulation, glazing & thermal mass are inter-related and connected as a multi-variable equation with the altering of one factor changes the influence of the others.

CONTACT DETAILS: Please feel free to contact Keith for his C.V. and summary of experience.    tel:  04 499-3015     mble:  021 890 251     e-mail: keith@settlement.co.nz

Keith Huntington - B.Arch, Dip.Urb.Val, Dip Bus.Stud(Disp.Res), FNZIA, FAMINZ(Med), LEADR Registered Architect (RAB# 1372) and NZGBC Homestar™ Practitioner & Assessor (reg# 6868)